Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some of the best images come when you least expect it.

Window, originally uploaded by Mizomi Photography.

For this particular look for Lindsey we experimented with several different things, trying to get it to work. We changed her jacket, her belt, posing, etc.

Lindsey happened to glance outside the window while the hairstylist was adjusting her hair and I snapped this frame. She wasn't posing, it wasn't really framed perfectly, and I don't remember if I took the time to really finetune the focus. It turned out to be one of our favorite images from this setup.

Lighting info:

This was shot in the atrium of the building where I work. The model is standing next to a 2-story wall made entirely of glass. Great light to work with, like a giant softbox.

Outside it was overcast, so the light filling the atrium was a little too flat. I had my assistant Julie take an SB26 on a lightstand and position it outside the building on the other side of the glass right next to Lindsey.

With the SB26 set on 1/4 power shooting through a shoot-thru umbrella, we were able to add some directionality to the light.

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Unknown said...

Some of the best shots come from the ones not posed ;o)