Monday, February 2, 2009

Location Laptop case

February is going to be a busy month for weddings for our company, so I probably won't have many photoshoots to post about for a while. (Although you never know....)

In between weddings, my project for this month is to finish building one of these:

I actually built a larger version of this last year with the Pelican 1495 for my old 17"Powerbook. This year however, I finally upgraded to a 15" MacBook Pro, so I'm redoing it with the smaller Pelican 1490. Will be posting pics of the construction when I have time.

Here's another video of the same idea as the Chase Jarvis video. This one goes into a little more detail of the drilling and cutting required. Wish I had seen this second video before I started cutting up my 1490 case.

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