Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing with gels at Dragon's Teeth

Lauren 1, originally uploaded by Mizomi Photography.

This is from a shoot I did last night with model Lauren from Model Mayhem. The purple effect is done in-camera with a Roscoe 1/2 green gel. It's a technique I learned a few years ago from photographer Rolando Gomez.

I first put the gel over the lens of the camera and did a custom white balance. I then took that gel and put it on an SB26 flash and modified it with small Photoflex softbox. I had our assistant hold the flash in fairly close to Lauren, probably 5 feet or so, and we set the flash to 1/2 power.

With our custom white balance set, the green gel over the flash renders the model normally, while the background turns purple.

Shot on Canon 1DmkII 24-70mmL lens ISO 100 1/250@f5.6

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