Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gear Review - Think Tank Photo Flash Mob V3.0

Today we take a look at the Think Tank Photo Flash Mob V3.0 pouch.  This is a pouch designed specifically to hold hotshoe flashes and spare batteries.

On the left and right sides are two small pockets which are sized perfectly for 4 AA batteries each (for a total of 8 extra batteries).

If you're a fan of the Godox series of hotshoe flashes that feature the lithium ion battery packs, those batteries will also fit in the side pockets - though it's a pretty tight fit and you won't be able to close the cover flap.

The front face of the pouch has a large stretchy pocket which can hold an 8-cell external battery pack such as the Canon CP-E3.

The Flash Mob V3.0 will accommodate just about any type of hotshoe flash - with or without modifiers.

The Godox AD200 fits just fine as well.

With the recent release of the extension head for the AD200, at first I thought I could run it from the pouch.

However, that would block the vents on the sides of the AD200 and lead to overheating.  A better solution is to use either the Peak Design Capture clip or the Spiderholster and attach it to the ThinkTank Camera Clip Adapter instead.

Like the rest of the V3.0 Modular series, the rain cover has now been integrated into the bottom rear of the pouch, allowing for quicker one-handed access.

The top of the pouch is designed in such a way that it can be flipped open so that you have quicker access to your flash. Useful if you want to keep a modifier on the flash during a run and gun shoot.

If you use the MagMod series of flash modifiers, the pouch can accommodate a flash with a MagGrip installed.

For weddings I usually keep a Godox V850 flash with a MagGrip attachment in this pouch. I store a MagGrid and MagGel holder in the front pocket.

This allows me to snap on a MagSphere or a MagBounce to the front of the pouch when I'm not using it.

Overall the Think Tank Flash Mob V3.0 is a great way to keep a hotshoe flash handy when you're running and gunning.

As always, if you find this review useful please consider using the links on this page to purchase your Think Tank gear.  A small portion of your purchase goes to helping us maintain this blog and allow us to continue doing gear reviews.

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