Monday, July 16, 2018

Gear Review - Think Tank Photo Speed Changer V3.0

Think Tank Photo recently overhauled their modular belt series of pouches and made a bunch of changes and refinements. Today we're taking a look at the updated Think Tank Photo Speed Changer v3.0 and how it differs from v2.0 of the same bag.

Size-wise, V3.0 and 2.0 are about the same. Front pockets have been enlarged and now cover the entire front of the bag.

V3.0 eliminates the zippered pocket on the front face of the bag which makes for a cleaner look.

It also changes the location of the rain cover. Instead of a zippered pocket on the bottom front of the bag, it is now accessed by a velcro compartment at the bottom rear.   It is also non-removable.

In V3.0, the rain cover is stored underneath the bag as opposed to V2.0 where the cover was stuffed up in the front wall of the bag.  This change reduces the bulkiness of the bag from front to back.

On the back of the bag, the modular attachment point has been modified slightly - the plastic locking tab no longer extends into the velcro area.  This change does not really change how it attaches to a Pro Speedbelt though, just more of a refinement.

The front organizational pocket remains the same, with slight color tweaks to the trim.

The main compartment remains unchanged except for some minor cosmetic changes.

Overall the Speed Changer V3.0 is a nice update from the previous version.  Much cleaner, more refined look and I'm glad they kept the organizational pocket (something that I really missed on the updated Hubba Hiney 3.0). I also like the change they made to the rain pouch access.

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