Monday, January 26, 2009

Model shoot with Mokihana + behind the scenes

Canon 1D MkII 1/250 f8 ISO100 24-70mm L at 25mm

Amazingly, I found out there's actually people who read this blog?!?! You people have WAY too much time on your hands. ;-)

But thank you, I do appreciate the feedback. I've been mostly writing this for reference for myself when I need to remember how a particular shot was done. I'll try to make it interesting for you. No guarantees though.

This past Sunday I had a shoot on Oahu with Mokihana, whom I met through Model Mayhem.
We decided on two looks - a casual outfit and a "Tomb Raider" style look.

Our prop department:
2 Glock 17s (airsoft versions imported from Japan)
2 Beretta M92s (airsoft versions imported from Japan)
*I'm a lot of fun going through customs ;-)
Leg holsters
Shoulder holsters

Strobist lighting gear:
2 SB 26 strobes
3 Pocket Wizards
2 Bogen lightstands
2 Westcott shoot thru umbrellas
1 Westcott silver umbrella
1 Photoflex Q39 Softbox
1 Shashin Denki Kogyo (SD) Softbox
Ball Bungees
Roscoe gel samples
1 grid - homemade from black straws, Frosted Flakes cereal box and a lotta gaffer's tape (which came in handy later on during the shoot)

Amazingly, all that lighting gear fits into this Slik tripod case:

Back light with CTO gel:

The two softboxes side by side. Photoflex is on the right.
The larger SD softbox folds like an umbrella. Picked it up in Japan.

Because the SD softbox mounts on the lightstand like an umbrella, the SB26 sits too high if seated in the coldshoe mount. Ball bungies to the rescue!

Mounting the SD softbox:

For the Tomb Raider image at our first location, we wanted to give the impression that she was in a cave. The rock wall nearby(seen in the shot with the two side by side softboxes) served as a backdrop . Had Mokihana position herself about 15-20 feet away from the wall, and setup the camera so that we weren't shooting directly into the wall.

We took a shot on program which gave us 1/100 at f8 ISO 100.
Set the shutter speed to 1/250, the max sync speed of our Canon 1DmkII, which dropped the ambient light down.
Setup the SD softbox and SB-26 1/2 power with 1/4 CTO gel about 8-10 feet in front of the model.

The Photoflex softbox went behind her, SB-26 1/2 power with a CTO gel.

Canon 1D MkII 1/250 f8 ISO100 70-200mm L (non-IS) at 95mm

For the casual look, Mokihana had a red outfit, so I wanted to find some greenery to work with. Walking through the parking structure near this wall, I found a narrow strip of foliage with some light coming from overhead.

The sky was pretty overcast, and we probably could have gotten by with a reflector to get some standard portraits, but I wanted to go for a sunset style shot (in photographer-speak, that means "I forgot to pack my reflectors")

This is with the same lighting as the Tomb Raider style shots, with the SD softbox as the main light, SB26 1/2 power with 1/4 CTO. The only difference was the back light. I first tried it with the Photoflex softbox and SB26 1/2 power with CTO but wasn't getting the highlight we wanted.

Took off the softbox, and the highlights were good, but now the rear flash was flaring into the camera (the rear flash was set pretty close to the model - just out of the frame to the right). So to remedy that, I put the black straw cereal box grid on that light and we ended up with this:

Canon 1D MkII 1/250 f2.8 ISO400 70-200mm L (non-IS) at 140mm

That's actually a little more overexposed than I usually like, but both the model and I agreed that we liked this look better.

I'm still going over the other shots that we took that day. More to come later.

If you found any of this interesting at all, let me know by leaving a comment, and I'll try to remember to do more behind the scenes stuff on my next shoot.


Unknown said...

Hey Todd!!! Great shoot! You scare me with all those airsofts though!

I really liked the behind the scenes stuff. It's amazing how much light you create with just those two sb26's...

What lenses did you use during the shoot?

thanks again for sharing!!! amazing post and images!!!

MauiPhoto said...

Thanks Allan,

Updated the posts with lens and camera setting info.