Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday shoot with Christine

Christine is an up-and-coming young actress I met through ModelMayhem. We did a short photo session this past Sunday to help her add some new shots to her portfolio. I also got to experiment with my Lastolite Trigrip reflectors.

This was one of the first shots we did at her hotel. It was early morning, with the sun just coming up over the West Maui mountains. I noticed the sunlight glinting off the palm trees lining the driveway and thought it might look cool as a background. I positioned Christine about 10 feet in front of the trees, with her back to the sun to highlight her hair. I then used a Lastolite Trigrip silver reflector to bounce some light into her eyes. I shot it with a Canon 1D MkII and a 70-200 lens to throw the trees out of focus.

Christine's mom drove us down to DT Flemings beach for our next location. For this shot, I had her mom hold the reflector just out of the edge of the frame to the right, silver side again, to throw some fill light into Christine's eyes. I switched my lens to a 28-70 and put on a polarizing filter to darken the sky.

As we were wrapping up, Christine came up with this idea. Since the sun was pretty high up and the light was getting a bit harsh, I had her mom hold a Lastolite Trigrip 1-stop diffuser just above her head to soften the light for this final portrait.

We had to keep the shoot pretty short, as Christine had another session planned with another photographer for that afternoon, but we got some pretty good images out of the shoot.

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Unknown said...

Hey Todd,

amazing images you took with christine... We should've worked together and maybe come up with some great images.

iCandy Maui