Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More from the shoot with Mokihana

A few more shots from Sunday's shoot with Mokihana:

Did this headshot with two SB26 strobes on lightstands arranged one above the other and shooting inbetween them for the pseudo ringflash look. Upper one at 1/4 power is in the larger SD softbox and the lower one at 1/8th power is in the small Photoflex Q39.

Canon 1DmkII ISO 400 1/125@f8 70-200mm L (non-IS) at 135mm

This is with the same sunset style lighting I described in my last post. 2 SB26s with gels (Front 1/4CTO, back full CTO). Main light in softbox, rim light was bare with the gel.
Canon 1DmkII ISO 400 1/250@f8 70-200mm L (non-IS) at 70mm

This last one is a shot I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I'm very thankful that Mokihana was brave enough to attempt it. To be fair, she wasn't in any real serious danger at the time we made this shot. In fact I made sure to keep her as far away from the edge of that cliff as I possibly could.

Lighting is just the SB26 in the SD softbox, I don't remember if it was 1/2 or full power at the time.
Canon 1D mkII ISO 100 1/125 @ f8 70-200mm L (non IS) at 125mm

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