Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bedroom shoot with modeling lights

Bedroom 2, originally uploaded by Mizomi Photography.
Canon 5D 24-70mmL lens ISO 800 1/6@ f5.0
Towards the end of the photoshoot with Rachel, there was this amazing bedroom that I wanted to take some shots in. It was nicer than suites I've seen in 5-star hotels.

Unfortunately while setting up the lights for this shoot, for some weird reason my triggers stopped working. Tried going to the backup PC cord directly to the strobes, still no luck. No matter what I did, I could not get the strobes to fire reliably.

(Of course, when I got back home after the shoot and tested the strobes, everything worked fine. Doh!)

We were rapidly running out of time, so I decided to wing it shoot it differently.

There were two AB800 strobes in this shot. One was behind the model on the other side of the bed. The other was to camera left, halfway into the closet which I was also standing in (it was a small room).

I took off the reflectors on both lights, aimed them bare bulb up into the ceiling and cranked up the modeling lights on both strobes.  Since the modeling lights are tungsten bulbs, they already matched the interior lighting so there was no need to add gels to anything.  I set the iso on my 5D to 800 and mounted the camera to my tripod.  Used a slow shutter speed and asked the model to hold really still.  The strobes did not fire, I used just the modeling lights.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1, originally uploaded by Mizomi Photography.
Canon 5D 24-70mmL lens ISO 800 1/6@ f4.0

It wasn't quite what I had originally planned, but I was pretty happy with the result as it was close to the look I wanted.  The fact that the 5D can handle higher isos helped a lot. It also helped that the model was very patient with me while I set the lighting up (thanks Rachel!).

If I ever have the chance to shoot this bedroom again, I'm thinking to try to see how it would work using a bunch of CTO gelled 580ex or SB26 flashes instead of the bigger AB800s.

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