Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Test shooting with Maria and Romina

On the same day that I shot with Rachel, I also did a short test shoot with Maria and Romina from Argentina.  This was their first time doing a photoshoot, so I kept the lighting setup pretty simple - basically an AB26 with a white shoot-thru umbrella on a lightstand triggered with a Pocket Wizard.


This headshot of Maria was done in the living room was done using just the natural light coming in through the windows.  The light worked out really well, so I also used it for Romina's headshot.

We also did some shots by the pool after they changed outfits. It was pretty overcast so I used the SB26 and the white shoot thru, adding a silver California Sunbounce micro mini below for fill.


Before they left, we had both models join Rachel in the jacuzzi.  I had never shot three models at the same time before, so thankfully Rachel helped me with the arrangement.  Because Rachel's hair color and skin tone makes her really pop out in a shot, we placed her in between Maria and Romina to help balance the image.  I used a WL1600 with a large softbox on a c-stand  for the main and added an SB26 with a 1/4 CTO gel behind the jacuzzi for a rim light.

In retrospect, I should have shot from the other side of the jacuzzi, to make the lines of the jacuzzi wall look more symmetrical.  Need to learn to slow down and really pay attention to things like that next time.

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