Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cool shots by accident

This is from Sunday's photoshoot with Tiara. Lighting was an AB 800 with a beauty dish gelled with an orange gel and a 1/8 CTO gel. My Canon 5D was custom white balanced through the gel before the gel went on the dish.

I was mostly set on 1/250 @ f8 during the shoot, but at one point I accidentally switched the camera to Bulb mode while continuing to shoot. Bulb mode on the camera keeps the shutter open until you let go of the shutter button. This image was exposed for about 1 second,so the background blurs from the motion of the camera. The reason the model is sharp in spite of the camera movement is because the flash fired right before the shutter closed, freezing the action. It's kind of a nice effect, and something that I think I'll experiment with more on future shoots.


Unknown said...

haha... I've done the same thing!!! came out great though!!!

Unknown said...

whoops... sorry, I meant YOURS came out great though!!!!