Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Experimenting with triptychs

Tiara recently asked me to do some multipanel images from our shoot together. I did a little research and learned that these types of images are called triptych (pronounced "trip-tick").
These are pretty easy to setup in Photoshop. I opened up the center image, expanded the canvas size to 3x the width of it, then imported the other two images and placed them to the sides. The red border is done by making a rectangular selection around each frame and adding a stroke of about 7 pixels. (sampling the red color from her outfit)

This was done in the same manner. Had a bit of trouble trying to match the colors between all three images. Still don't think I got it right.

This next one is called a tetraptych, since there's 4 panels. In the first version I made of this, the upper left shot was one of Tiara chugging a Red Bull. Thought it would make a cool ad, but she had me replace it with another shot because Red Bull wasn't sponsoring us for the shoot.

Anyone from Red Bull wanna hire us for a shoot? ;-)

This last triptych is actually the first one I made for Tiara, and is of my favorites. Looks like she's leaping up to slice her enemy in half.

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