Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A very busy weekend

This past weekend I did a joint shoot with Chaz from After6Media.com and models Tasha Woodfall and Karin Mie from Honolulu. Makeup was provided by Jessica Waite and Leah Yniguez. It was a two-day shoot, including studio work, sunset at the beach, and shooting at the warehouse. Extremely exhausting, but a lot of fun, and made some new friends in the process.

Karin is a Japanese Brazilian model that I've wanted to collaborate with for a while, ever since I met her on Model Mayhem. She was very fun to work with.

One of the first shots I wanted to do with her was a headshot, as I had not seen any headshots on her portfolio at all. Jessica did some excellent work with Karin's makeup and hair, which made my job much easier.

This headshot was done with a WL1600 in a medium softbox with a 4x6 silver Photoflex reflector for fill. Her hairlight is an SB26 with a grid.

The lighting for this shot is an AB800 in a medium softbox with a grid for her main light and an AB800 in a small strip softbox with a grid behind her for an edge light.

We went to the Cove to try to get a sunset shot. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, so we had to improvise. This headshot was one of the first shots I took of Tasha at the Cove while we were waiting and hoping for the clouds to pass.

We never did get a good sunset, so we tried a different approach. This is lit with an AB800 and a beauty dish.

More to come.

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