Friday, August 29, 2008

What being a photographer means to me

To me, photography is not always about making a profit, it's about being able to give something of yourself to someone - to make a difference in people's lives. Sometimes when I least expect it, I'll be reminded of why I got into photography in the first place.

I had a short break between two model shoots that I was doing at Ohana West Studios on Oahu this past weekend, so I walked next door to Spot's Inn to get a quick bite to eat.
While I was eating, I was very surprised to learn from their staff that it was their last day of business after 13 years.

They were serving the last of the food to their customers and taking lots of pictures with their cameras.

Before I realized it I ran back to the studio, grabbed my 5D, a strobe and a lightsphere, ran back to the restaurant and offered to take some photos for them at no charge.

I emailed the photos to them and also sent them a CD. The following email from their staff reminded me why I really enjoy photography and why I would do it again in a heartbeat if the situation ever presented itself again.

"Aloha Todd,

All of us at Spot’s Inn were sincerely touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is a rare occurrence, indeed, for someone to so generously give of their time and talent. You can never know how much it meant to us to have someone capture such an important and memorable day in all of our lives. We deeply appreciate you more than we can ever say and will always treasure not only the pictures, but the generosity you showed to us that day. We thank you again Todd from the bottom of our hearts and we will cherish YOU and your photos forever!"