Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organizing your memory cards

When using multiple memory cards on a photoshoot, its a good idea to have a system in place to keep track of used and unused cards so that you don't wind up accidentally erasing images.

We've standardized on using SanDisk Extreme Compact Flash and SDHC cards. For stills we use 8GB cards and for video we use 16GB and 32GB cards.

Using a Brother P-touch labeler, each card is labeled on one side alphabetically with the capacity of the card.

Cards are normally stored in a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. We also use the Gepe Card Safe Extreme when shooting near water or in a location with lots of sand/wind/dust.

All the cards are checked and formatted in-camera before every shoot and are stored in the memory card holder with the P-touch label facing out.  This lets us know at a glance that these cards are blank and what the capacity of each card is.

During the shoot, the cards are used in alphabetical order. When a card is filled up, it is put back into the cardholder with the P-touch label side facing down.  By organizing the cards in this manner, we know which card to use next and which cards are already used.

Setting up and implementing an easy to use system to help you keep track of your memory cards will greatly reduce the chances of making a mistake during a photoshoot.