Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First Shoot for Zivity - Morticia Addams Boudoir with Floofie

Had the opportunity to work with model Floofie when she was here in Maui again, and this time we collaborated on a Morticia Addams themed boudoir photoshoot to be featured on the Zivity website.

For lighting and set reference, we looked at scenes from the movie "The Addams Family" starring Angelica Huston. As we had limited time and a minimal crew to setup and shoot, we had to stay very simple with our set. We decided to go with creating a corner of Morticia's bedroom.

The background is a folding panel and tree from Pier 1 Imports.  Next to that is a grey backdrop from Botero backgrounds. This would serve as our bedroom walls.

The bed was simply a desk covered with a down comforter and some blue satin sheets from Ross Dress 4 Less.

We used 4 Alien Bee 800s lights with grids to light this set:

1 AB800 was set up behind the folding panels, fitted with a grid and a blue gel.  This was fired into the wall of the studio directly behind the panel to blow it out and give the impression of moonlight streaming into the room.

The tree was positioned behind the panel to add some texture to the shot.

The Botero background was positioned on a C-stand to intersect with the edge of the panel to create the corner of our bedroom set.  We lit that with an AB800 with a grid and a red gel.

A 3rd AB800 with a grid was positioned high above the set on another C-stand behind the model for her hair light.

A 4th AB800 was used as her main light.  To keep the lighting consistent with the look of the film, this was gridded and aimed at the model's face.

We deliberately chose not to use any softboxes to light our model as we wanted to keep the feel of old hollywood style lighting and to match the look of the film.

We shot this series mainly with a Sony a7rii and a Canon 85mm f1.2L lens mounted with a Fotodiox adapter.  For the headshots, we switched to the Sony 70-200mm f4 G Lens.

For shots with the full Morticia Addams dress, I wanted to use a ring light to add a little bit of fill to see the texture of the dress.  Unfortunately the mount for the ring light was broken and there was no way to mount it on a stand.  We opted to place it on the floor and bounce it into a white V flat instead, which worked out pretty well.

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