Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beach photoshoot with Neise Cordeiro

Neise (pronounced like "Daisy" but with an "N") Cordeiro is a dancer/actress/singer/model/fitness instructor based in Las Vegas with whom I recently collaborated on a photoshoot down at Ulua Beach in Wailea late last year.

Makeup and hair was done by Ry-n Shimabuku, who was also kind enough to come out to location with us to assist with the first half of our shoot. It's always great to have a makeup artist onsite to help with touch-ups, and Ry-n is one of the best.

For the first half of our shoot we used a silver California Sunbounce Pro to enhance the existing light. We were especially lucky to have TWO assistants this time, Julie and Steve. A big Mahalo to both of you for all your hard work. :-)

The sky this day was a bit overcast, so the Sunbounce reflector was used mainly to lift the shadows in the eyes a bit and give a little sparkle to the model's eyes.

The sun did peek out from behind the clouds a few times, which made for a nice soft backlight on Neise's hair.

Once we got down to the beach, Steve pulled out a surfboard which we were able to work into a few shots.

Really wish it had been a bit more sunny that day, with more blue sky in the background, but I liked what we ended up with.  

Thinking of investing in a few more Sunbounce reflectors this year. These reflectors are super sturdy compared to the round floppy ones we used to have. They're also handy to have around when you need to setup an impromptu dressing room for the model to change outfits.

This standing surfboard shot was one of my favorites of the shoot.  I liked how the late afternoon sun, even though diffused, was still able to bring out the definition in the model's abs.

I really hope we have the chance to work together again. Neise had such great energy and it was just so much fun to photograph her.

This location also had trees with great textures which we used to frame her for some shots.

Had to be careful with positioning the camera so that the upper branch in the background would frame the model instead of sticking out of her head.  Also tried to keep a few leaves of the tree in the foreground to add depth to the shot.

For our sunset shots, we used an AB800 with a beauty dish for our main light and used the Sunbounce to bounce some of the flash back to help fill in the shadows.

 Looking forward to a future collaboration with this amazing model.