Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shooting the makeup session

Malynn, originally uploaded by Mizomi Photography.

Whenever I work with model and a MUA (makeup artist), I usually like to shoot the makeup session as well. This is similar to shooting weddings when I shoot the bride getting ready, except we don't have to worry about rushing to a wedding. This gives me time to experiment with new ideas and techniques, which I can later apply to when I shoot a wedding.

This also serves to kind of break the ice, especially when working with a new model. It's also great for getting on the MUA's good side, when you offer these images to them for their website (Being friends with a great makeup artist is always a good thing for photographers that shoot models). I always ask both the model's and the MUA's permission first before shooting the makeup session, and haven't been turned down yet.

This image is from a workshop I attended several years ago, my introduction to the world of photographing models.

The setting is actually in the kitchen of the house the models were staying in at this workshop. I used a Canon 1DmkII with a 70-200L lens to throw the refrigerator behind her and the makeup artist standing in front of her out of focus.

Main light is a Gary Fong Lightsphere on a Canon 580EX pointed straight up. The edge light is natural daylight coming in through a small window behind her and to the right.

This is actually cropped in from a slightly wider over-the-shoulder shot that showed more of the kitchen and the MUA. I almost didn't use this picture as it was totally unplanned and unposed, but I saw that she had a great smile in this shot. When I took a closer look at the image, i liked the way the outside light kind of wraps around her chin and saw that a tighter crop would make a great headshot.

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