Monday, March 16, 2009

More from the warehouse shoot

A few more images from our warehouse shoot.

I think the next time I have the chance to shoot at this location, I want to try experimenting more with gels on my strobes to add some colors to the background.

Shot this above images with a WL1600 in a medium softbox and an SB26 as a rim light.

Natural light from the entrance to the warehouse provided her main light, light from the window behind her for backlighting.

One of my favorites from the shoot. Wanted to work more with Sophia, but kept getting sidetracked - there's so many things to shoot in this warehouse.

The makeup chair she is leaning back on is green, and in color, this shot is kinda ok. Changing it to sepia tones gives it that old Hollywood glamour styling, which really goes well with her makeup IMHO.

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