Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lighting a kiln

Just a quickie post for today.

I was recently asked to shoot one of my high school classmates, the owner of Decorous Studio , for an upcoming magazine article about her. For this shot, I wanted to simulate the glow of the kiln without actually turning it on. (I was sweating enough as it was).

I put an SB26 with a red gel and a Stofen omnibounce into the kiln and triggered it with a Pocket Wizard. Had to carefully position it because the kiln is really tiny (smaller than a microwave oven) and the SB26/Pocket Wizard combo barely fit in there.

I had setup another SB26 bounced into the ceiling behind her to add fill, but decided not to use it, as the red glow as more effective without it. The fill light that is in the picture is coming from the doorway that I am standing in.

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