Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pinup shoot with Honey and Kat

A few weeks after the Oahu shoot, I had the chance to work with makeup artist Kahulani once again, this time doing a pinup shoot with one of her friends, Honey.

Honey does the vintage Hollywood look really well.  For this first one all we used was an AB800  with a beauty dish.  The sepia tone and vignette was a preset look in Adobe Lightroom.  Also tried a few in black and white.

I used pretty much the same bedroom set as Uilani's boudoir shoot, minus the tulle hanging from the poles.  We were working without an assistant that day, so I didn't want to risk having the pole falling and whacking someone on the head.  Lighting is 3 AB800s, the main in a 5' Octodome and two behind the folding closet doors in the background.

One of the things I learned on this shoot is that the edge of an air mattress is really hard to hold a pose on.  Will have to think about some way of adding more support underneath the sheets to make it easier next time.

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