Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Spider Holster alternative for the Canon XA-10 camcorder

Found this at Home Depot the other day and thought it might work for my small video camera, the Canon XA-10. It's similar to the Spider Holster system that I use for my still cameras, except that it uses ball bungies instead of a screw-in plate.

The short ball bungie fits around the handle of the XA-10 and can be tightened by pushing down on a plastic collar.

The holster clips onto your belt.  The backing is rubberized so it won't easily slip off your belt.

Drop the ball end of the cord into the holster and you're good to go. Unlike the Spider Holster system,  there is no locking mechanism (what do you expect for less than $10?).  As long as you aren't jumping up and down or anything, you should be fine.

Makes it easy for you to quickly get your hands free when you need to. I've been using this on both my Canon XA10 and XF100 camcorders for this wedding season and it's been working out great. 

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