Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Gear Review - Think Tank Photo Skin Series V3.0 - Skin 50 & Skin Changer Pop Down

Finishing up our review of Think Tank Photo's recent updates to their popular modular belt system, we take a look at a couple of pouches from their Skin Series- the Skin 50 v3.0 & Skin Changer Pop Down V3.0 .

Both of them feature the Sound Silencer style velcro closures that allow you to set them to silent mode when you're shooting in places like a church wedding.

The interiors feature dividers - the Skin Changer comes with 3 while the Skin 50 has a single one.

The Skin 50 is large enough to hold even the Sony G Master 85mm f1.4 with the hood in place.

A Sony a6000 and two lenses (Zeiss 55 1.8 and Zeiss 35 f2.8) also fit quite nicely in this pouch.

The Skin Changer Pop Down has an expansion zipper on the bottom that lets you extend the length of the pouch

This lets you easily hold a 70-200mm lens with the hood attached.

Comparing the Skin 50 V3.0 to the older series, the material of the pouches feels slightly thicker than the 2.0 versions, yet they compress down just as flat when you need to pack them away and it doesn't feel like there's much different in weight.

The zippered pocket in the front flap has been eliminated and the zippered rain pouch access has moved to the back and is now in a velcro compartment.

The tabs that let you lock the pouch in place on your Pro Speedbelt are now slightly smaller but this doesn't affect how it attaches to your belt.

Overall my only real (small) nitpick with the 3.0 series of Skin pouches has to do with the interior lining.

On the Skin 50, there's just a single strip of velcro down the middle - which limits you to putting the divider just in the center of the bag.

If you look at the rear interior of the Skin Changer, you'll see the lining that lets you attach the velcro doesn't cover the entire back wall.

Compared to the front interior where the lining covers the entire front wall of the pouch which gives you more flexibility in placing the dividers.

I would have preferred it if both front and back walls of all the Skin Series V3.0 pouches were like this front wall lining of the Skin Changer 3.0.  But this is just a small nitpick and overall the updates are quite nice.

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